DSK's: Savage Tidings

There Is No Honor

The adventure begins. Highlights include:

  • The characters each receive an invitation to the Vanderboren Manor in the city of Sasserine.
  • The characters meet Lavinia Vanderboren, who hires them to investigate activities on her ship the Blue Nixie. She recently came into her inheritance, and paid off the debt on the ship to the harbormaster. The harbormaster put Soller Vark in charge of the ship and he now claims that Lavinia has not paid the fines. She wants the characters to find out what is going on in her ship and to recover the money she paid to get the ship out of hock.
  • The characters go to the harbor in search of the Blue Nixie. Instead of being docked, it is out in the harbor about 100 feet. The characters secure a row boat and paddle to meet Soller Vark.
  • The characters discover that Soller Vark’s men are inhospitable to intruders and will not let the characters board. The PCs battle their way through the thugs (after Yeoland takes a spill overboard) and as victory seems imminent, Vark yells out, “Burn them! Burn them all!”
  • It’s evident that a fire has been lit below decks. Tortured screams from animals come from below decks as well. The PCs rush down to see to the fire and are attacked by some form of mutated arachnid. After dispatching the beast, the characters put out the fire, saving the Blue Nixie from certain destruction.
  • A search of the ship revealed Lavinia’s payment to the harbormaster as well as a signet ring for the Vanderboren household with a scrap of paper through it with a list of magical beasts written on it.
  • Lavinia is overjoyed to have her ship safe, money returned, and her father’s ring returned to her. She offers employment to the characters with a monthly stipend; they accept.
  • Lavinia asks that they accompany her to her family’s vault; she has a feeling that it may be trapped and their skills will come in handy.
  • Lavinia and the characters are shown the vault where the ring the PCs found on the Blue Nixie opens the arcanely locked door with a flash. Inside the party is accosted by a three foot long iron cobra; they make short work of it. There is a pillar with strange pictures inscribed on it; they coincide with the piece of paper found earlier. The PCs quickly discern it is a combination of some sort and open the safe. Lavinia finds most of the safe has been cleared out, probably by her brother. Only a few treasured items remain. Still, Lavinia has enough money to clear her family’s debts and (more importantly) pay the characters.
  • Lavinia believes that her brother Vanthus has been associating with a rough crowd as of late. She asks that the characters find her brother and escort him back to her so she can talk some sense into him.
  • The PCs spend a lot of time trying to find Vanthus without much success until they are approached by a strange man. He leads the party to Parrot Island where they descend into the tunnels used for smuggling, only to find it was a trap! Vanthus appears, kills the man, taunts the characters, then barricades the trap door. The characters are trapped down below.
  • The tunnels are flooded in some spots, and laden with the hungry dead in others! Zombies attack! The characters fend them off and figure out a way to escape. Most likely by swimming.
  • Once the characters make their way back to Sasserine, Lavinia is shocked that her brother is involved in their plight. She asks that the characters find him and capture him alive.
  • It seems as though Vanthus has aligned himself with the Lotus Dragons. One of the Lotus Dragons slips a note into a PC’s pocket and leads them to Dead Dog Plaza where they are ambushed. Fending it off, the PCs capture and interrogate a Lotus Dragon who steers them toward the Taxidermist’s Guildhall. Interrogating (aka kicking the taxidermist’s ass) reveals a secret trap door that leads into the Lotus Dragon’s Guild.
  • The characters descend into the den of the Lotus Dragons, sneaking there way along the corridors and slaying many guild members. Notable encounters: putting the thieves in the barracks to sleep, finding a prisoner that turns out to be an enemy (as he backstabs the party in an encounter) and encountering the leader of the Lotus Dragons, Rowyn, and her pet dragon, Gut Tugger. It’s a hard fight, with it coming down to the wire. Some of the characters went down, bleeding out. Luckily the remaining party members triumph, killing Gut Tugger and forcing Rowyn to retreat, and they are able to stabilize their companions before death ensues.
  • The characters discover that Vanthus was responsible for the deaths of his and Lavinia’s parents. Lavinia of course is shocked by this news. She asks that the characters continue searching out Vanthus so he can stand trial for his heinous crimes. The Dawn Council invites the characters to a banquet in their honor as they saved the City’s harbor by destroying the Lotus Dragons.

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